Discover SUMMA’s Innovative Wireless Control Platform with KUMUX Data Integration

During L+B2024 held this past March in Frankfurt, SUMMA presented a revolutionary wireless control platform that promises to transform the way we manage lighting. This platform not only extends traditional CCT control but also introduces an exceptional level of colourimetric control thanks to its triple white light source. This advancement significantly exceeds the capabilities of standard tunable white luminaires, which typically rely on only two channels.

Advanced Colorimetric Control

SUMMA’s innovation is clearly illustrated in a visual scheme: light columns with identical CCT values present subtle variations in chromaticity in each row, due to differences in the Duv parameter. This means that the colour of each cell varies slightly, from greenish shades in the upper rows to purplish shades in the lower ones. SUMMA’s system allows you to meticulously adjust not only the CCT but also the specific desired colour and overall quality of light, offering unprecedented control.

Integration with KUMUX: A Scientific Approach to Lighting

The integration of KUMUX dynamic lighting automation into the SUMMA platform takes this system one step further, introducing a science-based approach to daily lighting adjustments. Thanks to triple white light technology, the platform adjusts both the intensity and spectrum of light, adapting to human circadian rhythms and the specific colour requirements of each project. This means that lighting can be customised to meet the particular needs of different spaces and locations throughout the day.

Innovation for Wellbeing and Lighting Design

The combination of SUMMA’s advanced capabilities and KUMUX’s data integration optimises lighting not only for efficiency and functionality but also for human well-being. This platform represents the future of lighting design, where technology and science come together to create improved and adaptable environments.

We invite everyone interested in exploring how KUMUX and SUMMA are re

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