Create the right atmosphere for your guest with smart lighting

People spend a lot of time in hotels for work, business, recreation, or vacation. But did you know that visual impact is a high factor in a positive guest experience? 

Humans appreciate surroundings crafted with aesthetic appeal. Human eyes receive 80 percent of all external information, and light impacts our emotional and subconscious responses. 

Humans enjoy an atmosphere to feel rested, happy, good mood, concentrate or be productive because we respond emotionally to the light and enjoy scenes that artificial lighting can create.

The best light for the best experience

Smart lighting is an intelligent ally to creating the right atmosphere to help you to take your guest experience to the next level. We bring you these tips to help you to develop the perfect atmosphere:

  1. Remember that human perceptions work on many levels. Light has different physical properties, and you can change colors and hues that make your guest feel better.
  2. Take account of the constant changes in daylight and create a human-centric lighting system.
  3. Consider the lighting design and think about the visual impact and how you want your guest to feel.
  4. Create scenes based on activities made in every space.

Kumux for hotels

At Kumux, we know that travelers arrive at hotels from all over the world and often have poor sleep quality from long trips. To avoid this effect, we have developed a lighting system that can be synchronized with the outdoors. Our platform will help guests feel better by enhancing the biological response during the morning and daytime hours and minimizing the biological response during the evening and nighttime hours.

Our system can help you improve your guest experience and, at the same time, reduce energy consumption by 20% or 46K$ per year.

Contact us and take your guest experience to the next level with Kumux’s smart lighting solution.