Improve cognitive performance with bright, cool morning LED light by an astounding 15%!

Did you know that the type of light we are exposed to in the morning can significantly affect our cognitive performance? Recent studies have shown that cool, intense LED light can provide incredible benefits to children and adolescents, increasing their stimulation, alertness, and motivation at school. It has been found to improve cognitive performance by an astounding 15%!

Studies have revealed that exposure to bright, cool LED light in the morning helps regulate our circadian rhythm improving mood, and increasing concentration and motivation. This type of lighting has an extraordinary impact on our brain, promoting the release of neurotransmitters that enhance cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and problem-solving.

– Increases concentration: Bright, white light during the early hours of the day can help keep students alert and active.

– Improves mood: Bright light in the morning can help wake up and increase energy, while softer, more relaxing light in the afternoon can help reduce fatigue and stress.

– Increases motivation: Bright, warm light can foster a welcoming and stimulating environment, which is important to keep students motivated. Additionally, varying the intensity and color of light throughout the day can help create a sense of dynamism and interest in the educational setting.

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