Light influences how our minds work!

Light not only illuminates our surroundings but also influences how our minds work!

Researchers at the GIGA Institute at the Université de Liège have shown the impact of light on cognition, utilizing cutting-edge ultrafield magnetic resonance technology to delve into the relationship between lighting and our cognitive processes.

This study specifically focused on the influence of blue wavelength light on brain activity during an auditory attention task, comparing it to an orange control light.

The findings revealed that only blue-enriched light creates a connection between the thalamus, responsible for receiving external stimuli, and the parietal cortex, which regulates attention levels.

Empirically demonstrating that light, particularly in the blue spectrum, yields non-visual effects that stimulate cognition, these results hold significant implications for the design of artificial lighting systems in different environments, from workplaces and educational institutions to healthcare facilities.

Recognizing the critical role of appropriate lighting at different times of the day—whether necessitating heightened attention or relaxation—offers the potential to enhance productivity and overall well-being.

KUMUX’s technological development applies these findings to major lighting control systems, contributing to the positive impact of healthy human-centered lighting on our daily lives.