The buildings of the future

Every year most architecture and indoor design firms decide to include sustainability, wellness, health, and technology in their projects. Such as the case of CallisonRTKL and Socimi Árima. These firms have several projects in the works that are putting a premium on outdoor and natural spaces inside buildings.

Technology plays an important role in this new perspective of buildings, where the user experience and the environmental impact are the first on the agenda of firms.

The new user experience concept in buildings is a mix of outdoor and natural spaces in the building, spaces with natural lighting or systems that can help recreate it and prioritizing natural views through windows.

These trends contribute to the creation of new types of spaces to put human beings at the center of architecture and indoor design firms’ strategies.

Thus, the building of the future should integrate wellness, health, and technology to help build smart and sustainable cities and communities.

How do you imagine the building of the future?

Kumux and the building of the future

With our Human Centric Lighting solution, the user experiences the right light at the right time all year. People notice the effect consciously or unconsciously.

Architecture and indoor design firms can simulate natural light in buildings with our solutions. Our system mimics the sunlight continuously and automatically all day long thanks to tunable LED control of color temperature and intensity based on time of the year, geolocation, and activity. 

At Kumux, we help you with our smart lighting solution for a sustainable building, focused on the improvement of people’s health and well-being! Contact us.