Innovation as the key for circular economy

Every day, we are facing more and more environmental problems. The planet has limited resources, and it is challenging to find sustainable solutions that do not affect the ecosystem.

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that aims to close the loop on waste. It involves keeping resources in use for as long as possible, reusing them whenever possible, and recycling them otherwise.

To contribute to this change, companies have taken up the challenge of providing solutions that help save the planet through education, creating new products or services that increase efficiency, or simply changing habits.

In the case of the lighting industry, some brands are offering light as a service, where lamps and control equipment in buildings are used for a subscription fee, while the lighting manufacturer retains their ownership.

Other brands focus on using recycled materials or innovative production processes that allow the reuse of materials or ease their recycling afterward.

KUMUX’s mission is to bring a healthier light to most people. Our contribution to the circular economy in the lighting industry is through software applied to existing technology. It can be integrated into any current lighting control system and applied to the already installed tunable white luminaires.

Simulating sunlight indoors is what we do. Using existing technologies is how we reduce our impact on the planet.