Is circadian lighting just a trend?

We know that a day is divided by sunrise, morning, mid-day, afternoon, sunset, and night but that is all we understand about the cycle of a day. People aren’t aware of the ways our bodies are innately wired to respond to that daily rhythm, but there is a consensus that this rhythm is much more important for human health.

People’s lifestyles have changed radically with the era of industrialization, and humans now spend 80-90% of their time indoors. This radical change has had a big impact on the way that human beings do their life, and we have to adapt to do all activities inside an office, building, or factory with artificial light that can modify our circadian rhythms.

We have read or heard that companies have to create human-centered solutions and lighting systems have to be part of this change because the quality of lighting has a direct impact on human health, such as mood, quality of dreams, regulation of hormone levels, etc. 

Therefore, lighting companies, control solutions, and new technologies such as IoT must work together to develop solutions that improve the quality of life and simulate sunlight indoors to improve our well-being because light is life!

Circadian lighting is not just a trend, it is a way to make our buildings healthier and sustainable. It is a key to developing human and environmental-centric lighting.

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