green leaves and money

How can smart buildings help reduce inflation?

Different governments are making big decisions to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in their countries. These strategic decisions tackle climate change in many respects, such as energy generation and transmission, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and environmental justice.

Smart buildings and new technology can help owners reduce the energy consumption of their constructions. New technology, such as control technology, can provide them with information from their HVAC, air quality, or lighting systems for decision making, customization, or consumption management. Smart building technology allows the integration of efficient systems into homes, commercial buildings, and environmental care, and it is a way to help customers manage their electric bills.

Over the next 10 years, the public and private sectors must work together to achieve ambitious climate targets, but how is it related to inflation?

Countries like the USA have developed investment programs in sustainability and climate resilience. The USA government has approved The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). It “will allocate more than $369 billion to climate change and efficiency initiatives over the next decade, which experts expect to reduce the country’s carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 through multiple avenues, including the establishment of a national climate bank and expanded tax credits for clean energy and electric vehicles.”

This project is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings, which consume 39% and 76% of the country’s primary energy and electricity consumption. Therefore, technology plays a crucial role in helping owners and managers reduce energy consumption and begin their transition to environmentally responsible buildings.

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