How to boost mood and cognitive function in older adults with lighting

Researchers found that a whole-day lighting scheme that follows the color temperature (from warm to cold) cycle of natural light can significantly improve mood and cognitive function in healthy seniors. 

Participants were exposed to blue-enriched light in the morning of 500 lx and 6500K CCT, which gradually decreased in intensity and color temperature throughout the day, reaching 100 lx and 2700 K in the evening. This light made participants have a more positive mood and improved the results of the test of their cognitive functions, compared with the control group, exposed to a light of 2700K which only changed its intensity gradually. 

KUMUX Lighting mimics natural sunlight characteristics indoors, such as in nursing homes. This light helps balance seniors’ internal clock to rest better at night and be more active and positive during the daytime, which is essential to preserve their cognitive capacities. 

If you are looking to create a healing living environment for seniors and enhance their quality of life, consider incorporating this lighting design into your building.